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Gif Letras, Numeros y Simbolos en Rombos

ADJECTIVE:The part of speech that modifies a noun or other sustantive. it is a word used tu describe people, animal and objects

Example: big- small

ADVERB: It is a word that changes the verb and/or the adjective

Alkali metal: A strongly basic metal like potassium or sodium.


Alluvium: Unconsolidated terrestrial sediment composed of sorted or unsorted sand, gravel, and clay that has been deposited by water


Angular unconformity: An unconformity in which the bedding planes of the rocks above and below are not parallel.ular unconformity


Anthracite: The most highly metamorphosed form of coal, containing 92 to 98 percent of fixed carbon. It is black, hard, and glassy.


Aquifer: A permeable formation that stores and transmits groundwater in sufficient quantity to supply wells.


ARCHIMIDES:was a Greek mathematician, physicist,engineer, inventor, and astronomer. Although few details of his life are known, he is regarded as one of the leading scientist in classical antiquity.


Arkose: A variety of sandstone containing abundant feldspar and quartz, frequently in angular, poorly sorted grains.


Artesian well: A well that penetrates an aquiclude to reach an aquifer containing water under pressure. Thus water in the well rises above the surrounding water table


ARTICLES: word used before nouns.In English the definite article is the, the indefinite article is a or an, and their force is generally to impart specificity to the noun or to single out the referent from the class named by the noun.

Atmosphere : A unit of pressure equal to 101,325 newtons per square meter, or about 14.7 pounds per square inch.


ATOLL: A continuous or broken circle of coral reef and low coral islands surrounding a central lagoon


AXIS:The line, real or imaginary, passing through the center of an object about which it could rotate; a point of reference.


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